Colour and Typography for website design

Introduction When it comes to website design, there are many elements that contribute to the overall look and feel of a site. Two of the most important elements are colour and typography. These design elements can make a huge impact on the user experience and can even affect how users perceive a brand. In this […]

Should I Worry About GDPR?

Does GDPR Apply to my business

Many organisations don’t know what data they hold on EU customers so it might be worth checking your data storage, retrieval and access policies are GDPR compliant.

Measuring Website ROI

The true cost of your website is perhaps the opportunity cost of not taking action. Can you afford to not understand the ROI of a high-quality, lead-generating website?

How To Start A Membership Website

Most people see a website as a passive way of generating interest in their content, but if you are someone who loves to write great content, then a membership website might be a worthwhile investment.  Membership websites are excellent income generators and also help to grow visitor loyalty. When it comes to execution, the challenge […]

How to get more website visits

How to drive more website traffic

Experts tell us that only a small proportion of website visitors actually convert into customers, so the whole process of getting more customers becomes a game to drive traffic.

Secure And Stable WordPress In 15 Steps

Secure and Stable WordPress

A protected and safe website is made possible by maintaining proper upkeep. You can identify trouble areas, resolve them to keep your website corralling at its peak. Here are a few tasks you should already be doing to maintain your site. Add or update images as needed Monitor incoming links Get rid of spam comments […]