A Smart Way To Increase Online Sales

Have you felt like your store is getting slower and the competition is gaining an edge on you? You’re not alone in this. I get it, we all want to have a competitive advantage over our competitors–and what better way than by speeding up your WordPress e-commerce site! 

But why do speed rankings matter so much for SEO? Apart from being found online more easily via Google search engine results page (SERP), customers will spend less time waiting around while your website pages load—increasing customer satisfaction which can lead to them buying more of whatever they just purchased… rather than leaving with cash in hand.

Increasingly your customers are spending money on high-speed web connections to make sure they can always be connected, whether it is at home or in the office. Your business needs a website that will deliver all of your content quickly and easily so you don’t lose their interest and leave for another site with a faster experience.

Some people come to your online store just for a visit, not intending on making any purchases. They’re looking around and seeing what you have available before going elsewhere or maybe coming back later when they need something specific. Others are intent on buying but want to comparison shop as well – so these customers might be price checking some products while visiting your site too!

More visitors = more customers

According to analytics and conversion rate optimization specialists Invesp, the average e-commerce conversion for websites is somewhere between 2 and 3 percent.  For websites viewed on a desktop it’s around 4%, while tablets see an average of 3%. 

On mobiles sales conversions are only at 1/4th their desktop counterparts! 

That means for every 100 visitors your site manages to attract, you can reasonably expect three customers who will convert into paying buyers. If your website is getting 500 unique visitors a day that amounts to about 15 sales per day.

What is the difference between your business being a success or its ultimate failure? It all depends on how quickly you can load. According to data scientists, 40% of traffic could be lost if loading takes more than three seconds. That means that every second counts when ranking in Google search engine results pages (SERPs).

According to recent studies by Data Scientists at Moz, as much as 40% of traffic may be lost from websites taking longer than 3 seconds for content to appear and be accessible.

With a 1-second increase in your website speed, you could nearly double the number of visitors to your site. You can turn those 15 sales into 25 just by making sure that everything loads quickly. How much is that worth to you? 

Using Google Ads to get that same 10 customer increase is far more expensive.  It could cost you up to $7300 per year!  But if you were to invest a fraction of that amount into your server speed, it could net you a major increase in the number of visitors to your site. And while it may seem like all good things cost an arm and leg, I guarantee this option will not cost as much as $7K per year.

Instead of continuing to spend money on Google ads, invest in your server instead. The price is far less and the payoff is higher!  

Server speeds increase your SEO ranking

Lifting your search engine rank will increase the number of visitors to find your site. You can have a powerful impact on the number of people visiting your website by just raising your search engine ranking up one point!

By optimizing keywords, content writing, links from external sources such as social media posts – all these things can help get you ranked higher through various factors besides page ranking numbers alone.

If you want to boost your site’s search engine ranking and increase the number of people checking out what you have to offer, then speed up website loading time. We saw in our experience that speeding things up increases your total potential audience by 40%. It is an amazingly simple sales multiplier for a small amount when compared with much other online marketing efforts require.

If there’s one thing worth worrying about with regards to our websites, it should definitely be their speed level because this is what determines how many visitors we’ll get per day or week – all of whom may end up as paying customers if they enjoy using our service enough! Uncover what might be slowing down your load time (whether through plugins or simply too much code) and fix those things so that you can reach maximum potential.

Getting faster hosting is not expensive

Shared hosting sites are becoming a thing of the past for business owners. It doesn’t take long to see how fast-running websites can be beneficial. Smart website managers understand why server speed is so important and want to gain more customers with better performance. 

Clients I help often notice an exponential rise in customer numbers because they’re focusing on satisfying their client’s expectations – which include running at speeds that please them rather than providing subpar quality just due to cost savings or ease of access issues.

Spending a little bit more on dedicated Virtual Server Hosting is an investment in their long-term success. They know that this will give them better performance and save money because they won’t need to worry about things like shared server resources, downtime, or problematic neighbors on the same server. 

Measuring Website ROI

The true cost of your website is perhaps the opportunity cost of not taking action. Can you afford to not understand the ROI of a high-quality, lead-generating website?

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