Membership Websites Create Accessibility to Mental Health Services

We have come so far in recognizing Mental Health in our conversations and daily life, and yet there are still signficant barriers in place that stop people getting the help they need.  For people who suffer from mental health challenges accessibility to services remains a challenge for many.

For some it can be purely physical barriers, the fear of COVID or being subject to lockdowns. For others it can be related to cost, or stigma or shame.

Some have challenges getting to appointments because of  a lack of transportation, while some live too far away from convenient services.

Others may not even know they need assistance because they don’t understand the challenges they face.

Interestingly technology offers great solutions to all of these issues. Here are just some of the great benefits that using a membership site can bring to delivering effective mental health services in a more accessible way for patients.

  • Membership sites can open up treatment and education options for patients.
  • Services can be offered in a tiered or group structure that can reduce costs.
  • Members can get help without having to turn up to an office and reveal themselves.
  • Communities of patients can be built to support each other
  • A range of specialist practitioners can have the opportunity to share their skills
  • Practitioners don’t have to be from the same geographical area
  • Services can be available to patients on demand.


What is a way that you can see Membership websites contributing to improving patient outcomes in Mental Health?